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47 photos of strangers will redefine your notions of beauty

What does it mean to feel beautiful?

If the lovely new collabortion between professional photographers Alison Luntz and Viola Gaskell and eBay Fashion is any indication, the answer has little to do with physical appearance.

The photographers asked more than 80 strangers throughout New York City and Seattle what makes them feel beautiful as part of their aptly titled photo series, “What Makes Me Feel Beautiful.” While many subjects mentioned things like makeup and clothing, others interpreted beauty as the feeling they got when singing, dancing, hanging out with friends or simply sitting outside on a sunny day.

What these photos will remind you about being beautiful

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Smart Girls, what makes you feel beautiful?


Beppe Giacobbe (Italy)

Beppe Giacobbe graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and then continued his studies in New York at the School of Visual Arts.  Although eventually returning to Milan, Beppe’s palette reflects the lights of his beloved homeland of Sicily. Beppe’s work is regularly winning awards in all the major U.S. and Italian annuals. Beppe is especially pleased that United Airlines currently includes his work in their illustrated campaigns; his imagery has regularly been on Travelsmith catalog covers; and his award winning graphic author portraits are covers for Rizzoli’s classics. Beppe loves illustrating children’s books… his depictions of city noises for Clang Clang!, was just published by Simon & Schuster. Aside from illustrating, Beppe enjoyed 12 years of teaching at the European Institute of Design and always makes time for sculpting from knick-knacks and pieces of wood he finds along his walks.

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